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Thermal water world

Ragazer thermal water is a valuable gift from nature with unique effects and a rare composition. Benedictine monks discovered the hot spring in the Tamina gorge in 1242. To this day, the 36.5°C thermal water is used for the renewal of the body, mind and soul. The special mineral content and 36.5°C temperature have a range of positive effects on the human body, such as boosting the metabolism and circulation and improving cardiac function. Furthermore, the thermal water helps to alleviate rheumatic ailments, diseases of the nervous system, and lung and kidney issues. Experience the healing power of the Ragazer thermal water at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

Whether you want to maintain your health or improve it. Whether you want to relax or simply enjoy a swim. We offer you a holistic wellness programme. A peaceful place to get away from it all. A place of luxury and relaxation.


View from above on the Helena pool

The power of thermal water

The thermal water, our resort’s most valuable asset, has sprung from the Tamina Gorge since Mediaeval times. In the “Thermal Spa” you will find an extensive water world with the Helenabad (35°C) and Sportbad (29°C) pools. From May to September, the attractive Garden Pool with reclining chairs and bar is open, too.

  • Helena pool approx 35°C 125 to 140 cm deep
  • Sports pool approx 29°C 115 to 150 cm deep
  • Family Spa ca. 32° C
  • Garden pool approx 28°C 130 cm deep
  • Tamina gorge (Kneipp zone)
  • Tamina Therme (puplic area)
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