Thermal Spa
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Thermal Spa
Thermal Spa
Thermal water since 1242

Thermal Spa

Immerse yourself in healing. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is an exclusive retreat for relaxation and recuperation. For peace and quiet. Space and time. Europe’s Leading Wellbeing & Medical Health Resort is centred around a bathing tradition spanning hundreds of years. The healing effects of the thermal water from the Tamina gorge has been recognised for centuries. Today, it remains at the heart of our spa and wellness complex.

The 36.5°C thermal water offers our guests unique paths to and opportunities for relaxation, health maintenance and healing. Experience our unique five-star Thermal Spa encompassing 6,050 square metres. With the historic Helena pool, the sports pool, the garden pool, the family spa and an exclusive sauna area. As a hotel guest, you can also enjoy unlimited access to the 7,300-square-metre public Tamina Therme.

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