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The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has a long-standing tradition of creating and serving outstanding cuisine. Our restaurants offer authenticity. Culinary diversity. Perfectly honed craftsmanship. And couple a great deal of passion with the courage to innovate. Seven restaurants, four bars, a bistro, a café and a sushi takeaway offer the perfect meal or snack for every event and every taste. Discover culinary highlights. Let us pamper you. From local Swiss fare to Asian specialities all the way to a modern fine-dining sharing experience and French haute cuisine. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz combines indulgence and style. Culinary art and atmosphere. Immerse yourself in a world of gourmet delights. A world of inspiration and excellence. Our five-star gastronomy is not merely sophisticated; it is award-winning. We have received a Michelin star and 59 GaultMillau points. Come and experience a true mecca for gourmets.

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