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Special offers

An overview of all the services we currently offer in the areas of cuisine, wellness, leisure and medicine. Combine our services with an overnight stay and spend a couple of unforgettable days with us at the Grand Resort.

Spa programmes
Medical programmes
Easter special

With us, culinary delights take centre stage during Easter – share them with your family and friends in a wonderful atmosphere.

1 night from CHF 650.–*
per double room

440 Preise pro Zimmer und Nacht

Blick von oben auf den historischen Helena Pool

Taking time out allows the body to unwind and the batteries to be recharged. With our downtime special offer you will regain your inner harmony.

1 night from CHF 565.–*
per double room


Immerse yourself in a world of peace and relaxation for two days. In March we offer you one free of charge 4-course menu at the restaurant Olives d'Or worth CHF 140.– for two persons. Go for it!

2 nights from CHF 1'060.–*
per double room

anniversary special
Wellness bonus in the anniversary year

Still looking for the perfect gift for your sweetheart? Take advantage of our exclusive 24-hour sale on the 14th of February 2019.

1 night from CHF 640.–*
per double room

Smoker’s Night

Fine cigars, excellent food and classy atmosphere: the Smoker’s Night is the exclusive event for all aficionados. We offer you an attractive overnight package.

1 nights from CHF 580.–
per double room

425 Preis pro Zimmer und Nacht

The joys
of spring

Explore the beautiful surroundings on foot or with one of our bikes, or simply enjoy the sweet feeling of doing nothing as you relax on our terraces.

1 night from CHF 640.– 
per double room

440 Preise pro Zimmer und Nacht

Mann atmet mit geschlossenen Augen tief durch
Ragazer Relaxation

This constant pressure creates an atmosphere of stress. The relaxation programme affords your body and mind a well-deserved relaxing break.

2 – 4 days programme from CHF 675.–
excluding accommodation

675 2-Tage-Programm Preis pro Person

Beschwingte Frau in einem roten Kleid

The “Vitality by Altearah® Bio” programme helps you to relieve fatigue, renew your resources and bring a new freshness to your life.

2 – 4 days programmes from CHF 550.–
excluding accommodation

550 Preis pro Person

Meditation am Wasser
Therapeutic Relaxation

Take some time to give mind, body and soul a break from the stresses of everyday life – the treatments in the therapeutic relaxation programme offer more than just luxurious pampering and temporary, skin-deep relaxation.

1 to 5-day programme from CHF 495.–
without overnight accommodation

495 pro Person ohne Übernachtung

Lachende Frau

We are lacking lightness and radiance, or perhaps simply no longer feel comfortable in our skin. The balance programme detoxifies body and mind.

5 day programme for CHF 1’430.–
excluding accommodation


Woman enjoying a massage at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
Relaxed & Beautiful

Take a little time to focus on yourself, your wellbeing and your beauty.

3 nights from CHF 870.– 
per double room

575 pro Person und Nacht im Doppelzimmer

Frau entspannt unter einer Regendusche
haki® – revitalise your mind

Take a little time out for your head – alone or with your loved one. Revitalise your body, mind and soul with the “haki® – Reconciliation” ritual

2 nights from CHF 890.– 
per double room

570 Preise pro Zimmer und Nacht

Dinner at Restaurant Igniv
Caminada Experience

Swiss top chef Andreas Caminada invites you to a very special two-day journey of the senses at his two oases of culinary indulgence.

2 night from CHF 1'250.–
per double room

Golfer special

Waiting has come to an end. Whether you are a beginner or a professional – kick off your golf season with the first swings on our golf courses.

1 night from CHF 690.–*
per double room

490 Preise pro Zimmer und Nacht

Frau trainiert mit Personal Trainer im Fitnessbereich
work-IT-out days

Based on the latest findings in the fields of medicine and sports science, this programme is the ideal choice for anyone who loves to exercise or wants to become more active.

2 to 5-day programme from CHF 465.– 
excluding accommodation

Woman eating an apple after a workout
Ragazer Weight Loss

You will reduce your body fat, both in absolute (in kg) and relative (in %) terms. Under normal conditions, we can always keep our promise of fat reduction.

7 days for CHF 6'590.–
per person excluding accommodation

Elderly woman practicing yoga
Ragazer Anti-Aging Stay Young

You learn about and understand the habits and behaviour that could potentially shorten, or extend, your life span.

4 days for CHF 3'990.–
per person excluding accommodation

Ragazer Detox

You will learn about the toxins, pollutants and environmental factors that affect your body and about what you can do on your own responsibility.

7 days from CHF 7’590.–
per personexcluding accommodation

Business health check-up

Healthy employees: a win-win situation. Make a lasting contribution to the health of your employees. They will show their appreciation by improving performance and productivity.

1 Day for CHF 1'590.–
per person excluding accommodation

Health check-up

Providing you with an in-depth assessment of your general health. Find out about your organ functions and physical fitness with the help of a whole body analysis by our interdisciplinary medical team.


3 days for CHF 1'990.–
per person excluding accommodation

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