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A new, more luxurious experience

The exclusivity remains the same, but the experience has reached new heights: we are proud to present the new Grand Hotel Quellenhof. After a five-month renovation period – and just in time for its 150th birthday – the transformation is complete. Our long-established resort has been reborn as a modern luxury lifestyle hotel, with innovative restaurants and a new interior design. However, its foundations continue to flow from the same source. The Grand Hotel Quellenhof, an establishment steeped in tradition, is about to begin a new era of premium hospitality. For a new kind of luxury. For a true experience.

Modern lifestyle meets tradition

Modern, sleek and majestic. In the new Grand Hotel Quellenhof, tradition merges with contemporary style. Swiss architect Claudio Carbone has succeeded in maintaining our long-established hotel’s vital identity while imbuing it with a sense of modernity. The imposing spiral staircase in the entrance hall remains the heart of the hotel. A 16-meter hand-blown crystal chandelier nestles in the ceiling – a true one-of-a-kind. The same goes for the open reception desk made of Rhineland quartzite. It is an exquisitely hand-crafted piece. The interplay between tradition and modernity is ever-present, including in the suites, each of which offers both luxury and space. Natural stone baths are flanked by large window panes and elegant shades. In addition, we are presenting our new masterpiece: the King Suite, which truly lives up to its name.



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