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The birth of a world renowned Wellbeing and Medical Health Resort

1242 Huntsmen discover the spring
Ab 1350 Wooden bath houses rest on beams over the Tamina
1630 Thermal water is funnelled 450 m in wooden channels to the outlet of the gorge – Old Bad Pfäfers is formed
1704-1718 Abbott Bonifaz Tschupp and Abbott Bonifaz of Gilgen establish the bath houses which are still partially preserved today
1840 Thermal water is funnelled in wooden channels to Ragaz
1858 The first railway reaches Ragaz
1868 The „Quellenhof“ hotel in Ragaz is built
1872 Europe’s first thermal water indoor pool was created
1936 Die Gemeinde Ragaz wird zum Kurort Bad Ragaz
1969 Ragaz parish becomes Bad Ragaz spa town
1970 The Valens rehabilitation clinic is opened
1983-1995 Bad Pfäfers is restored in three stages
2015 Thermal water is funnelled in a new channel to Ragaz
2017 Experience a spectacular multimedia production in the Tamina gorge. The Light Ragaz art project will breathe life into our source of being. Thanks to state-of-the-art projection technology, you will be transported into the mystical world of spring water and the power of the elements.
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