Introducing Ragazer Trio – three new wellness programs to naturally beat fatigue and boost energy

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The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, together with the French natural cosmetics brand Altearah Bio, is launching three new wellness programs to induce a keen sense of wellbeing, energy and lightness.

From November onwards, you can personally experience the charm of three new wellness programs -“Ragazer Relaxation”, “Ragazer Vitality” and “Ragazer Balance”- exclusively at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. For two, four or five days, prepare yourself to feel the intensity of these exclusive wellness therapies, comprising of different, coordinated treatments, to help you relax and get over the usual. Each of the three crafted wellness programs is based on thousands of aromatherapies and colour therapy, to leave a vitalising, balancing or relaxing effect, whether new lightness, more vital energy or the inner balance.

Before we begin any of the therapies, or you can say, as a part of your holistic treatment, we assess your present condition and encourage you to share your needs with us. It helps me understand your expectations from the treatment and this is what I exactly do next, by sharing my personal recommendation with your appointed therapists and personal trainers. The initial step of your treatment is soaking you in Ragazer thermal water. The natural healing effects of thermal water will release your stress and muscle aches and begin shifting you to a state of physical and mental relaxation, almost effortlessly.

The whole-treatment consists of peels, classic massages, stamped massages; packs or foot baths to help you inch closer to the bodily or spiritual bliss, you are destined to experience at the resort. Extensive daily pauses, aqua-gym lessons and floating in the thermal water add to the relaxation.

The new 36.5 ° wellness programs for Deep Relaxation

Working hard or incessantly is alright! Then, it is equally important to realise that your mind and body needs a break. A self-purposed break is the only way to ‘say you care for yourself’. By acknowledging that your body and mind is stress, you are doing a favour to yourself and nobody else.

Go ahead and step in confidence at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, full of experienced and trained therapists, who understand how hard it is for you to find time to get rid of all the stress baggage affecting your everyday performance.


We know our customer sentiment and therefore, offer a lot to de-stress and relax in the shortest possible time. The different wellness treatments of the program “Ragazer Relaxation” offer you serenity for two or four days and invigorate your radiance. Depending upon your requirement, we offer a comprehensive program to channelize effective relaxation, be it through Yoga or Pilates lessons and the specific bathing courses tailor-made for you.

Feel the freshness

Physical and mental exhaustion often doesn’t reveal itself easily. It is up to us to realize those symptoms, that feeling of emptiness or loss of concentration to reach the next level of desire to live. Before you allow yourself to lose the focus, embark on the “Ragazer Vitality” wellness journey. It is good to disclose your problems, first to yourself and later, by sharing it with us. Then only our wellness programs, designed to help you personally, will make a difference. To put it in perspective, anyone and everyone who are looking to relieve fatigue, through finding new means of renewed connection with own body and mind resources, is welcome to Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Your purpose to feel the freshness in your life and the physical and mental vitality is our responsibility and priority.


Back to Balance

I promise you; after spending time with us and being a part of the “Ragazer Balance” program, you will experience a new mind, body and soul synergy, keeping you self-assured in life ahead too.

In addition, the carefully coordinated massages, baths and peels are detoxifying, promising a firmer body and a radiant skin. The program is complemented by easy physical exercise in the thermal water as well as a classic facial treatment and a manicure and pedicure.


Altearah Bio – natural, vegan and sensual

Altearah Bio is a “three-dimensional” natural cosmetics brand from the South of France. Three-dimensional, since the active substances are absorbed over by our senses completely. On the one hand, this absorption occupies the skin and the smell sense and on the other hand, the several colours have a lasting effect on our psyche.

Each essential oil is associated with a colour and a specific need. Violet stands for energy, orange for creativity and yellow means joy. All ingredients are from controlled organic cultivation, and whenever possible they come from the region. So, here we are, introducing you to a new level of energy, like you have never felt before, by awakening your mind, body and soul, leading it to reach a greater height or the next level of ambition of life.

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