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Summers and hair don’t complement each other, and one can frankly do only one thing about it: remove the hair. Don’t worry, we are not telling you to go bald because that is always a personal style, but today we are discussing the one approach to deal with the body hair mess in summer.

The solution is based on laser treatment and is performed under the supervision of a certified Dermatologists and a Laser Specialist by profession. We talked to Dr. med. Brigitte Bollinger (Specialist in Dermatology & Venereology FMH, Laser Specialist & Aesthetic Dermatology) who specializes in the field of permanent hair removal using laser technology. She talks about her work while focusing on important points of consideration and throwing light on certain facts of common interest like is a permanent hair removal really permanent?

Dear Dr. Bollinger, what is laser hair removal?

Dr. med. Brigitte Bollinger: We use a Neodym Yag laser as a part of our body hair removal treatment and this beam has a wavelength of 1064nm, which generates nano-pulses or to say, extremely short pulses using high energy. In the next step of the laser procedure, the pulse power is mediated through the surface of the skin to reach the depths of its layers. I would like to mention that throughout the procedure, there is no external or internal injury of any sorts, on the surface of the skin or in form of a visual appearance of hyperpigmentation. It is no exaggeration to say that this treatment is practically flawless or spotless for your skin.

How does the treatment work?

As a first step of the procedure, the clinical staff will determine the hair type on your body and further assessment will be done to determine the hair colour, is it light or dark and the texture, and is it thick or thin. All this is very important to assess and apply the laser intensity or expose the skin to the beam at the predetermined energy level. If an individual has to undergo a larger area treatment then we draw a grid on the skin, to measure the exact portion to be covered and make it 100% accurate.

Is the treatment painful?

No, the treatment is not painful, as we apply single impulses at a time and clearly avoid the use of collective impulses. If the need is, we give local anaesthesia 20 minutes prior to beginning the laser application, but only in case of sensitive areas.

With how many treatments must you calculate for body parts to be happy and hair-free?

Your treatment cycle depends on the hair growth pattern and the frequency of its growth. There is no standard window of time to define, yet, it more commonly a 5-7 session count or the number of sitting required to complete the procedure. Usually, after the first session, we are able to work out an individual’s schedule of how many sitting’s he/she needs.

What does the durable hair removal with lasers cost?

The costs depend on the session count and the size of the area which needs attention. It begins at CHF 120 for the upper lip and goes up to CHF 650 for the entire leg.

How long does the result last? Does lasting really mean lasting?

The term “durable” in medicine means five to seven years. This aspect also applies to the science of body hair removal but with a difference. Your body hair removal is permanent and will stay forever until the new hair starts growing on your body. The growth of hair continues to follow its bio natural cycle and new hair growth is imminent, yet the intensity of the hair growth is not the same as it was earlier, which means it will not grow fast.

Should patients be careful before treatment?

Yes, and one of the most important preparation steps is to avoid any plucking or epilating the area to be treated. It should be avoided at least four weeks before your first session appointment. The prime logic behind this is that the treatment will be done to remove hair from the roots. Then only can we guarantee you that the treatment is a success. One should also avoid skin tanning before the first meeting.

What should be taken care of after the treatment?

Post-treatment, one should not visit the solarium or expose self to the direct sun. You need to be careful with the sun but that doesn’t mean we don’t provide the treatment in summers, we very well do.

For which hair and skin types is the method suitable?

Our laser treatment is suitable for all skin types, and it works well for the dark skin type too without any pigment spot appearance later.

What do you have from IPL devices for home? Are the recommendations?

The IPL device (intense pulsed light) does not have the same effect at home as in a clinical practice. There is a reason to it as during the professional practice, we measure the energy performance. In other words, our orientation is completely different and thus, it delivers better. Having said that, home lasers are useful for treating small areas such as the upper lip portion, yet we cannot say there is any long-term guarantee to it.


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