8 Excursion tips to the region with the golden climate

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In autumn, nature plunges in a magnificent color dress. It is enchanting for me to realise this sheer natural beauty, as earlier I did not like this time of the year. But today, I am proud to share my experience of this golden hue of nature with you, or, call it the autumn golden extravaganza. I would love to give you the best and most colorful tips, with which you gild your autumn with us!

I have reconciled myself to my surroundings as the autumn sets in. What is there to reconcile, you will probably think now? Well, it may sound a bit crazy to you, but I use to associate autumn with dying. For me, after a warm summer the nature died downright with autumn... Yet, today I feel different. Now autumn gives me the strength, and rejuvenates my mind to get attuned to the approaching winters. He (autumn) is a colorful bliss of nature – before it wraps itself into hibernation – yes, he's a “thank you” for all nature lovers. With autumn, I feel my strings of winter are getting hooked. My advice to you is – take your time for this dressed-in-gold-spectacle. Just explore the region around Bad Ragaz, which is known for its mild and even golden climate.

I am glad to share with you a few personal tour tips through this post.

Tip 1: Weisstannental – my spot of home

My home wraps itself in a bold red golden sight for the next few weeks. This is a location, which is 1000-1600 meters above sea level; where you will find the yellow – reddish beech forests. You will also enjoy the salience of cattles being driven into its winter quarters in the valleys, and at the same very moment, you can also enjoy the sight and rest on the Alp Kloster, the Alp Siez or Alp Walabütz. My tip for the return journey: A good stop to enjoy your appetite is in Hotel Gemse Weisstannen. On the romantic Seez, the freshly caught trout tastes the best. The blue trout is my personal favorite!

Tip 2: Lake Walen Hike – reflected autumn mood

Brace yourself for an adrenaline rush: hike on foot of the Churfirsten of Walenstadt to Quinten. I promise you; it is an adorable experience that makes your heart rush in nature. High above Lake Walen, the water level reflects the golden autumn sun. It is an absolute delight to watch the water gush – as the pathto Quinten crosses waterfalls that rush into the valley. Once in Quinten, I recommend to try the fresh crispy fish, and a glass of Quinter wine in the restaurant Seehus. On the way back, I suggest using the ship (Quinten is also to reach by boat on the way there).

Tip 3: “Alpabfahrten”– Swiss tradition in the villages

I still get goose bumps of it! In early September – across many villages – the cows come down from the Alps to the valley. A loud cowbells spectacle with magnificent headdress of flowers makes my Swiss heart beat faster. Over the last decade, it is not only the rings of the cowbells you get to enjoy. During this return journey of these magnificently decorated cows – there is more to be observed. More villages now have a sociable „Festwirtschaft“ operated on this day. In addition, the Senner bring their gold from the mountains into the valley with the cheese.

Tip 4: Tamina gorge – where the thermal water springs

Visit the original source of thermal water of Bad Ragaz once again – our blue gold. This is the best time to visit the gorge – before it is closed down for the winters on 23 October 2016. Your walk from Bad Ragaz to the entrance of the gorge leads along the Tamina, and is accompanied by the damp fresh air of the Tamina. A deep breath in and out through this short journey will do well for your mind and body! Also recommended as a Nordic walking route.

Tip 5: Engadin – if the forest is in flames

It is the second half of October and the first week of November, which transforms nature in eastern Grisons into a picturesque artwork. Climb into the valleys of the Engadin later on, to peer into the valley from the top can. The view of the deep blue mountain lakes, framed by golden glowing larch forests, will take your breath away – it almost seems as if the forests are burning. You can dive into this spectacle of nature, for example at Muottas Muragl near St. Moritz.

Tip 6: Wartenstein – from the ruins to the Schloss Restaurant

From Bad Ragaz on the old Roman road "Porta Romana" by the Portaser vineyards, past the ruins Wartenstein – you reach the Restaurant Schloss Wartenstein. There you can enjoy an aperitif or afternoon tea, and admire the views of the Churfisten on the gold colored vineyards of the Bündner Herrschaft and over to the Prättigau – here, I personally feel at home.

Tip 7: Chapfasee – an autumn fairytale

My secret tip for a fabulous walk, with just a backpack case for picnic – an overgrown root forest paths and little wooden bridges lead around the idyllic Chapfasee. Above Mels – in direction of Vermol – lies the small lake in the autumn-colored nature – perfect for a trip with children. And remember: a Swiss Servelat belongs to provisions! There are many beautiful fireplaces around the lake.

Tip 8: Open torkel – wine experience in Fläsch

In eight weekends during a year (this year from September 4 to October 30, 2016) different Torkel (wine cellar) in Fläsch invite for a stay. My wife and I connect the Torkel visits usually with an autumn stroll through the Bündner Herrschaft. Then we immerse ourselves in the wonders of this wine region, and be spoilt by the wine growers. They serve us aplently with local dishes and yes, the gold from their vineyards. Here, in the rustic Torkel I enjoy the hospitality and atmosphere of the Grisons.

I hope you like my excursion tips in our region with the golden climate. Of course there are many other tips for activities in the holiday region of Heidiland. Maybe we will meet soon, when you visit us for an autumn experience in the region?

Where do you prefer spending this golden autumn? Let us know in the comments section below.


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