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Grand Resort Bad Ragah Health und Lifestyle Blog

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz health and lifestyle blog is now live!!! It’s about to connect with people who want to understand more and more about personal well-being. Our blog aims to be both informative and intuitive, with an underlining philosophy of “My Life. My Self. My Health.” We will try and get as intimate as possible by giving our readers tips and suggestions on health, wellbeing, beauty, cuisine and culture – all the luxuries offered under the roof of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Consider this short post an introduction of what to expect from this new blog. A hint – expect us to be different from the very-mundane corporate style of blog writing!

There are already many blogs being written across the world, with dozens being added every day. Factually, in German-speaking countries, there are close to 200,000 (link only available in German) to 300,000 active blogs today. Of course, the number rises to millions if we take the whole world into account. Our own data indicates that Tumblr alone has around 300,000 internet diaries or journals. The platform Blogger recorded 700,000 blogger-based websites in 2015. WordPress, a leading blog host site,, already captures a significant share of the blogosphere.

The lead authors on many blogs share news and views on travel, food, music, fashion, yoga; and, there are even blogs where DIY-market-employees share their quirky work experiences. There are also numerous magazines, which deal with the aforementioned lifestyle issues.

So, what are we here for? The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz blog is a bold and beautiful initiative, to cut through the closely-knitted blogger community; which leads us to another question: Why and whether the world needs another blog?

What will the blog cover?

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is the leading Wellbeing & Medical Health Resort in Europe. More than 750 employees ensure that guests here feel comfortable and can enjoy peace, space and time.

Among our “aiming to please” group of people, there are experts in various fields – precisely on the subjects of health, lifestyle and well-being. And, they rightly see themselves as so. For they understand what it means to be a part of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz culture. It comes naturally to them to work towards transforming the resort for the guests – as a place for “Relaxation and Wellbeing”, “Culture & Inspiration”, “Healthy lifestyle”, “Regeneration”, “Rehabilitation”, “Beauty” and “Culinary delights “.

Wouldn’t it be a pity to withhold this expertise just to us? We asked ourselves the question – as to why a guest should only profit here and, why we shouldn’t share the knowledge with you at home?

“That’s when we decided to keep you up to date on our offerings and expertise. We shaped this opportunity into a health and lifestyle blog, with a focus on talking about the important and beautiful things in life, and at the same time, learn about mastering health challenges.”

In this endeavour, our experts will write for you about everything that moves you and what you know us for: They will write about the latest trends, share stories; give tips and suggestions on health, well-being, beauty, cuisine and culture. You’ll also find personal insights in the new blog and learn more about our employees and the social and environmental commitment of our resort.

We are not restricting you to only reading our blog – under the philosophy “My Life. My Self. My Health.”, as we like to address it, we will also enable you to interact with our experts. For example, our 70 doctors and therapists in the Medical Health Centre. You will be able to interact with some of them and more of our in-house experts. Our blog will allow you to comment on our posts and raise discussions with authors and other readers on the blog.

Business blog or personal blog?

Now, you can of course say that a corporate blog represents company opinion. Yes, that’s right! Nevertheless, the contributions on our blog will reflect the face and character of our 750 employees. They are the ones who will express themselves through an emerging channel of communication. We assure you; they all have something to tell!

An interesting blog post about “real bloggers” (Link only available in German) shows that there are very few writers who contribute to their blog with passion. There are many bloggers who try and copy magazines in order to compete with them. However, unlike magazines, bloggers may be subjective. We must therefore not be objective.

The mentioned article also says that “when magazines and portals are a white wall, then bloggers are brightly coloured, strikingly different, bold and unusual.” We will strive to make our blog a colourful bouquet of expertise and opinions that bind together. You can use it to your heart’s content! We hope that you will quickly see that at Bad Ragaz many exciting stories are hiding that will be subjectively illuminated by our authors and that this is a win for our corporate blog.

Did we make you curious? Browse through the blog and let us know what you think of the contributions, or what you may like to read!

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