Thermal Spa Frau auf Liege

Individually tailored bathing programmes

Make use of the bathing and sauna facilities by following our individually tailored bathing programmes. Free yourself of tension, strengthen your immune system and regain your inner balance. Customised instructions in the application of healing thermal water help you to achieve various goals. According to your wishes, the treatment will be geared toward achieving inner balance or vitality or strengthening the immune system.

Your reaction profile

As individual as each person’s outer appearance, so too is each person’s anatomy. This is exactly why a bathing programme should cater to your “reaction group”. It has been noted that people can be divided into two distinct reaction groups: 1) the sensitive group, who are sensitive to cold, and 2) the balanced group, who readily adapt to changes in temperature. Those who are sensitive to cold often have telltale signs such as cold fingers and toes, a higher tolerance for heat and minimal subcutaneous fat. In contrast, those from the balanced reaction group can be identified by features such as an abundance of subcutaneous fat, perpetually warm fingers and toes and an equal tolerance for cold and warmth.

Two bathing programmes

The two bathing programmes “Body Adaptation” and “Body in Balance” offer the ideal combination of a wide range of hydrotherapeutic stimuli. Choose your bathing treatment according to your specific needs.

Body Adaptation

“This treatment helps your body to effortless-ly adapt to unfamiliar stimuli and builds up your immune system.”

A bath in a lukewarm environment is combined with visits to saunas and steam baths with dry, warm air. Be-cause of the gradual increase of the stimulus routine, your body learns to react to external temperatures and environmental influences in a faster and more targeted way – all without the need to worry about uncomfort-able stimuli, as the body is optimally prepared to deal with these stressors.

Body in Balance

“This treatment helps you to regain your inner balance and relieves internal tension.”

Movement in water is combined with visits to the saunas and steam baths ranging from warm to cold in temperature, followed by floating in water. Due to the alternation between activity and relaxation, you experience a marked reduction in internal tension and freedom from everyday stress. This constitutes the basis for the desired recovery process and helps you to regain your inner balance.