Helenabad mit Frau von hinten

Thermal Spa

Drift along. Listen within.

Sense the powers of the Bad Ragazer spa water with its balanced minerals, the healing effects of which were confirmed by Paracelsus many centuries ago. 36.5°C – a water temperature which melts together relaxation, rest and harmony.

The power of thermal water

The thermal water, our resort’s most valuable asset, has sprung from the Tamina Gorge since Mediaeval times. In the “Thermal Spa” you will find an extensive water world with the Helenabad (34°C) and Sportbad (28°C) pools. From May to September, the attractive Garden Pool with reclining chairs and bar is open, too.

  • Helena pool approx 34°C 125 to 140 cm deep
  • Sports pool approx 28°C 115 to 150 cm deep
  • Garden pool approx 28°C 130 cm deep
  • Tamina gorge (Kneipp zone)
  • Tamina Therme (puplic area)

Recommended bathing time: max 20 to 30 min

Sauna world

The highlights in the new sauna world includes a traditional Finnish sauna as well as a steam bath and sanarium. Sparkling seduction awaits you in the world’s first herbal steam bath made with Swarovski crystals.

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Private Spa

In our Private Spa you can enjoy wellbeing in a private setting sur-rounded by a peaceful atmosphere.

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Bathing programmes

Make use of the bathing and sauna facilities by following our individually tailored bathing programmes. Free yourself of tension, strengthen your immune system and regain your inner balance.

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Tamina Therme

The Tamina Therme is a wellbeing oasis, a haven of relaxation and revitalisation that rejuvenates and strengthens the body, mind and spirit. (free entry for hotel guests)

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