Tamina Therme

Wohltuendes Thermalwasser in der Tamina Therme

36.5°, because it is good for me.

The Tamina Therme is a public wellbeing oasis, a haven of relaxation and revitalisation that rejuvenates and strengthens the body, mind and spirit. The world of thermal water allows guests to immerse themselves in healing thermal water in its purest form. The large sauna area and the wide range of massages and beauty treatments on offer satisfy every possible desire. The courses at the Tamina Therme offer variety and activity, and four different therapeutic bathing programmes are tailored to promote the wellbeing of every guest.

History & Arichticture

Europe’s most abundant thermal spring is located in the Tamina gorge near Bad Ragaz, and was discovered long ago, in the early Middle Ages (1242). The Tamina spring not only gives its name to the Therme, but also provides the healing thermal water. In the 16th century, the physician and alchemist Paracelsus praised the healing effects of the water, which due to its low mineral content and a temperature of 36.5°C is regarded as a warm spring. In the early days, the first spa guests were lowered into the gorge on ropes – since 1840, a pipe four kilometres in length has brought the water to Bad Ragaz, where in 1872 Europe’s first thermal water indoor pool was created. This laid the foundation for the area to gain a worldwide reputation as a bathing and spa resort, attracting notable guests such as Rainer Maria Rilke, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Thomas Mann and Victor Hugo.