Bringing the Tamina gorge to new life: Light Ragaz

Light spectacle on the largest natural projection screen in the world

The spectacular Tamina gorge is the source of the healing thermal water which has brought global renown to the spa resort of Bad Ragaz in eastern Switzerland. From 18 July 2017, the gorge will become the world’s largest projection screen for moving images.

The Light Ragaz multimedia experience in the Tamina gorge will whisk visitors away on a fantastic tour of discovery. (Mock-up by Projektil)

The mystical gorge in the Heidiland holiday region is not just the foundation for the success of the Bad Ragaz spa resort as a tourist destination – it has also given birth to any number of myths and legends. One tells of a dragon which made the gorge its home, another that the gorge housed the gateway to Hell itself, and until the 13th century, the monks who lived in the nearby Pfäfers monastery were unable to offer any better explanations as to why wafts of mist could be seen rising from the chasm. However, the mystery was solved in 1242 when the source of the thermal water was discovered, and by the time the healing effects of the water were finally confirmed in 1535 by none other than the famous doctor, naturalist and philosopher Paracelsus – the first physician to recognise the curative powers of mineral springs – the secret was well and truly out.

The Blue Gold of Bad Ragaz
Guests flocked to Altes Bad Pfäfers from all over Europe, arriving at the entrance to the gorge in their droves to take the healing thermal water. Visitors included Rainer Maria Rilke, Friedrich Nietzsche, Johanna Spyri, Thomas Mann and a certain Thomas Alva Edison. Guests continue to visit the spa resort today – not only for the healing thermal water, but also for preventive medicine programmes or to boost their wellbeing and get away from it all. Whatever their needs, everybody comes for the spa resort’s famous thermal water, or Blue Gold as it is fondly known, and to enjoy the luxurious facilities at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Europe’s Leading Wellbeing & Medical Health Resort boasts over 12,800 square metres of spa space, a medical centre with more than 70 doctors and therapists specialising in a variety of fields and a rehabilitation clinic. The thermal water forms the basis for a number of procedures and therapies which have seen Switzerland’s best wellness hotel (SonntagsZeitung, 2017) gain worldwide acclaim. In the Tamina Therme, which is open to the public, visitors can even enjoy all the benefits of the Blue Gold without booking an overnight stay at the five-star resort.

Blurring the lines between illusion and reality
Local tourism offices, municipal authorities, the canton of St. Gallen and of course the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz have joined forces to create a unique multimedia experience for 2017 which will be open to everyone, from people visiting the region on a day trip to guests staying at the resort. Light Ragaz uses cutting-edge technology to project 3D effects onto the structures and formations of the rocks of the Tamina Gorge with millimeter precision. The raw rocks reach up to 80 meters. The nightly transformation of the gorge of almost 1000 meters in length into a visually stunning sea of light has Light Ragaz tell a fantastic story. The amazing journey takes the spectators into the mystical world of spring water and the power of the elements. An adventure that makes you lose track of time and space and leaves you in a world between illusion and reality. The Zurich based agency Projektil Medialabel AG bears responsibility for the creative implementation of Light Ragaz.

A unique experience running from July until September
On July 18th 2017, reality and illusion collide for the first time and breathe new life into the rocks of the Tamina Gorge every evening until the end of September, 2017. Light Ragaz opens its doors to another dimension at 6pm every evening and entices the visitor with its enchanting beauty of the Swiss nature in a singular symbiosis with cutting-edge technology made in Switzerland. For those who would like to combine this spectacular display in the Tamina gorge with a stay at Switzerland’s best wellness hotel (SonntagsZeitung, 2017), the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has put together a Light Ragaz Special package, starting from CHF 295.– per person per night and available to book until 30 September 2017:

  • 2 nights including a generous buffet breakfast
  • 36.5° wellbeing package 
  • Welcome drink at the bar
  • A 4-course Light Ragaz dinner
  • Admission to the Tamina gorge featuring multimedia art project, including return bus travel
  • Free use of the resort’s own bikes

The package is available from CHF 295.– per person per night in a double room and runs from 18 July until 30 September 2017. Arrival is possible on any day. Add-on nights can be booked on request. For information and bookings, please visit or call +41 (0)81 303 30 30.