Quality- and sustainable development

firmly anchored in the corporate strategy

Responsibility towards guests and employees, the sustainable use of natural resources (in particular water and energy) and social and local commitment are all firmly anchored in the corporate strategy of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

Based on the environmental standard ISO 14000, the corporate social responsibility report now also provides environmental figures on energy and water consumption.

In addition to numerous continuing professional development options, a new range of courses on employees’ emotional intelligence was added to the resort’s training programme in 2014. The internal workshops help the staff to better identify and fulfil guests’ needs – in line with the motto of aiming to
please. Guest surveys, such as the online survey conducted in 2014 within the scope of a master’s thesis by a student at the resort’s own Academy of Hotel Excellence, are used to further enhance service quality

Social and local engagement

For Smiling Children    

The sustainable handling of water is our passion. We therefore support children in Africa through our own charity project "For Smiling Children" and make sure that they have access to clean drinking water and education. Thanks to our guests' contributions and donations, we are able to finance several projects every year, e.g. the installation of an irrigation system for an orphanage in Tansania.

For Smiling Children

Eco-friendly transport

Eco-conscious mobility is an increasing topic for guests. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers a parking zone with three charging stations for electric cars in the car park. These are accompanied by a socket pump in front of Grand Hotel Quellenhof & Spa Suites.

In addition, a new low emission Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid is part of the limousine fleet. These eco-initiatives aim to protect the breath-taking natural setting, clean air and peaceful atmosphere for future generations.

Handling of natural resources

The energy concept of the resort leads to substantial success: By using the residual heat of the used thermal water for the heat production, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz was able to reduce the fuel oil consumption by 77 % between 2011 and 2014. In order to further reduce the energy consumption, the resort signed a target agreement with the Canton. For the next five years, the resort agreed on saving 2 % of energy every year.

out of kitchen leftovers

A dessert for your flowers

In a company like the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, several tons of food leftovers remain every year. Instead of just disposing everything, the resort purchased a machine to be able to recycle the leftovers into substrate. This is handed out to guests as a flower fertilizer and as a sign of sustainability. The rest of the substrate is delivered to a local farmer.


What we do with soap...

Hotel guests use soap on a daily base, whether in the hotel room or the public rest rooms. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz ensures that soap is not just going to the waste afterwards - the rest of the soap is brought to Basel, where it is abraded and shredded before being converted into new soap. This is then transported to developing countries.



Green Living

Green Living Certification of hotelleriesuisse