Medizinisches Zentrum - das Kompetenzzentrum für Medizin und Gesundheit

Medical Health Center Bad ragaz

A single point of contact for every health need

The Medical Health Center, founded in 1957, ensures that patients of all ages are in safe hands with a highly specialised team of medical and therapeutic experts. The range of interdisciplinary treatments extends from diagnosis to prevention to rehabilitation.

Everything guests need can be found under one roof. Given the complexity of people’s health, when it comes to check-ups, medical attention and aftercare, a comprehensive range of treatments is essential. The medical services have always integrated the resort’s own thermal water, the strengths and healing powers of which not only form the foundations of the resort but are also part of many of the therapeutic treatments.

Medical Health Center

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You will receive the highest level of comprehensive diagnostic, preventive and rehabilitation services in the following specialist areas.

Departments & Doctors

Clinic Bad Ragaz

Clinic Bad Ragaz Patientenzimmer Bett

Since September 2014, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz featured 18 modern suites for inpatient rehabilitation.

Clinic Bad Ragaz

Ragazer Weight Loss

Attain your optimal body weight through exercise and a healthy diet under medical supervision.

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Sheer beauty in Bad Ragaz

The word beauty has many meanings. Is it a feeling, a state of mind or perhaps even a desire? The feeling of confidence, being comfortable with your appearance, is a significant factor for developing a feeling of wellbeing.

Set amidst the foothills of the Swiss Alps, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is not only a traditional spa resort, it also offers its guests a wide range of beauty treatments.

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"Perfect Smile" Swiss Dental Care Bad Ragaz

Beautiful and healthy teeth ref lect vitality, health and a joy for life. We at Perfect Smile Swiss Dental Care Bad Ragaz cater to your individual requests and ideals of beauty. Your satisfaction is our challenge. Employing preventative measures to maintain and enhance the beauty of your teeth is our priority.

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Swiss Olympic Medical Center

The Department of Sports Medicine headed by Dr. Christian Schlegel and Dr. Christian Hoppe was officially accredited as the Swiss Olympic Medical Center in 2004. Dr. Christian Schlegel looked after the Swiss Olympic team at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver as Chief Medical Officer.

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Ragazer work-IT-out

Are you looking for individual training tailored to your needs? Then Ragazer work­IT­out is for you! Based on your diagnosed performance level, our personal trainers devise a training programme matched to your level and goal.

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Klinik Professor Sailer

The Klinik Professor Sailer is one of the leading centres of competence in the areas of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Famous patients from all over the world come to the clinic for treatment.

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Chinese Medicine

MediQi Bad Ragaz

Holistic healing system for body, mind and soul based on 3,000 years of experience.

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