Medizinisches Zentrum Bad Ragaz Rheumatologie Kryosauna

Kryosauna – ice cold moments of happiness

Effective whole-body cryotheapy, free of side effects

Cryosaunas are one of the most innovative treatment tools in the fields of medicine, sports and beauty and have diverse uses – from relieving pain to strengthening the immune system and reducing inflammation through to treating cellulite. The treatment occurs at temperatures of –170°C, with noticeable results after just one 90-second to 3-minute session.


Individual treatmentCHF 54.–
10-session package (price per treatment)CHF 45.–
Group package (10-15 people within one hourCHF400.–

Due to the extreme cold experienced by the skin, we recommend that you do not shower or moisturise prior to the treatment. The treatment is not covered by your health insurance.