Arrival and departure

We would like to welcome you to the Clinic Bad Ragaz

Our bed allocation department will be in touch in order to plan your stay at the clinic with you. Please report to the Medical Health Center’s Customer Care team at reception. You will be accompanied from here by a carer and taken to your room after checking in. The reception team, carers and doctors will then take sufficient time for your admission. To ensure you are well prepared for your inpatient clinic stay, we have put together a check list for you.

We are delighted that you can return home

We hope that you have been able to improve your health during your time with us and have recharged your batteries. It is very important to us that we are able to support you in shaping your next steps and ensuring that you enjoy a smooth return to your everyday life. Our social services will discuss your departure with you in advance. During your departure discussion with our senior consultant Dr Wilhelm, you will receive a brief report for your general practitioner and, where necessary, a medication and/or therapy prescription.

We value your opinion

Your feedback, wishes and suggestions help us to improve the services provided by the Clinic Bad Ragaz on an ongoing basis and thus allow us to offer our patients «The Finest Art of Rehabilitation».