Gynaecology & Fertility

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Put your trust in over 30 years of experience and the holistic approach of our medical specialist, and allow him to help you maintain your gynaecological health in the following specialist areas.

Our competencies

Gynaecological screening and early diagnostics

  • Benefit from early diagnostics and reduce the risk of developing diseases such as breast cancer or uterine cancer thanks to a comprehensive gynaecological examination
  • Take advantage of HPV vaccination against cervical cancer for yourself and your children.
  • Seek advice on fertility or contraception issues or in the event of complaints such as bleeding disorders, menstrual pain, breast pain, discharge, acne, etc.

Menopause management

Improve your quality of life through targeted treatment of complaints experienced before, during and after menopause.

Incontinence advice and treatment

Involuntary leakage of urine can usually be treated easily with medication or through minimally invasive surgery. Ask your doctor for advice.

Hormone balance and tumour markers

Are you interested in your hormone levels or tumour markers? We can measure these for you on request. Our specialist will be happy to discuss the results with you.

Treatment of malignant gynaecological conditions

As a specialist for gynaecological oncology, Professor Rolf A. Steiner treats all forms of gynaecological cancer, including breast cancer. Interdisciplinary collaboration between the areas of medicine, plastic surgery, radiology, pathology and radiotherapy guarantees the provision of first-class comprehensive advice.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in gynaecology

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) accompanies women in all phases of their lives, offering alternative or complementary treatment for a wide range of complaints. TCM enables menstruation problems or menopause symptoms to be treated in an approach that is noninvasive and causes minimal side effects. Traditional Chinese Medicine is used successfully in infertility, morning sickness and antenatal care. Common to all treatment provision is a comprehensive diagnosis and an individual treatment concept by MediQi TCM specialists.


For a complete assessment of your health, our doctors recommend the following

Our specialist

Prof Dr Rolf Andreas Steiner MD

Swiss Medical Association doctor for gynaecology and obstetrics,
specialised in gynaecological oncology

Phone: +41 81 303 38 93


Consultation & information

We are happy to advise you thoroughly and to provide you with an individual programme tailored to your needs.