Physical therapy is a key element of the treatments for a wide range of illnesses, and uses mechanical, thermal, electrical and actinic energy in the areas of prevention, therapy and rehabilitation.

Our competencies

Thermal water therapies

Aqua Pilates (45 min)
Improved posture through activation of the "power house" (abdominal, pelvic floor and back musculature). The emphasis here is on muscle endurance and building, through powerful movements in the water, combined with the holistic training developed by J.H. Pilates.
Classical hydrotherapy (15 min)
Shortened muscles are stretched, joints made more mobile and weakened muscles strengthened. Water exercise is especially suitable for rehabilitation after operations as well as for cardiovascular training.
Floating (30 min)
Floating in water is a gentle and calming deep relaxation therapy method, where the patient is carried through the thermal water. Blockages and tension are released through gentle stretching, rotation and movement of the joints.
Ragazer Ring method (30 min)
The ring method developed in the Medical Health Center at Bad Ragaz is a special water therapy with resistance exercises performed in warm thermal spa water. This therapy improves f lexibility in patients with chronic joint problems and assists rehabilitation. It is particularly appropriate for strengthening muscles, gaining better mobility, improvement of musculoskeletal system coordination and pain relief.


Manual therapy (25 min)
This therapy technique involves the upkeep or restoration of essential body functions. Manual therapy improves mobility in the joints and all functional and structurally associated tissues.
McKenzie therapy (25 min)
One of the most extensively researched and recognised concepts for spinal column diagnostics and therapy worldwide. It aims to relieve pain, regain the patient's flexibility and prevent chronic complaints.
Pelvic floor therapy (25 min)
Pelvic floor therapy improves the function and strength of the pelvic floor musculature. This therapy can help to improve symptoms such as incontinence and overactive bladder in both men and women.
Breathing therapy (25 min)
By deepening and improving respiration it succeeds in bringing about a sustained improvement in physical and mental disorders,often eliminating them completely. The therapy is useful for patients with diseases and disorders of the lungs and respiratory tract.
Therapy after Bobath concept (25 min)
The most commonly employed holistic concept worldwide for the treatment of persons with motor, mental, speech or socialemotional problems caused by damage to the central nervous system, as the result of a stroke or multiple sclerosis for example.
"Proprioceptive Neuromuscular facilitation" (PNF)
"Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation" (PNF) is a functional treatment in the field of physiotherapy that focuses on movement coordination and improved effectiveness. It boosts the functional coordination of nerves and muscles in multiple sclerosis sufferers and stroke patients for example.

You may also book our physiotherapies for a duration of 50 minutes.

Medical massages

Medical massage (25 min/50 min)
Whole or partial body massages relax muscles, calm nerves, regulate digestion, stimulate blood circulation and have a beneficial effect on skin and muscle tone and metabolism.
Heat therapies (20 min)
Heat is extremely effective in alleviating pain and improving the blood circulation and metabolism. Heat therapies relax the muscles and bring about an improvement in the elasticity of the connective tissues. The following heat therapies are performed at the Medical Health Center: Hard paraffin packs / Mud packs / Hay flowers wrap / Paraffin bath.
Cold therapies (20 min)
Cold affects muscle tension. The effect of the cold has an impact on the circulation and contributes to alleviate pain, detumescence and inhibiting inf lammation. The following cold therapies are performed at the Medical Health Center: Cold salt wraps / Cold mud packs.
Foot reflex zone massage (25 min/50 min)
The soles of the feet ref lect the entire body in the form of ref lex endings. By treating specific points, stress, headaches, rheumatic complaints, fatigue symptoms and digestive complaints to name but a few can be alleviated.
Lymph drainage (25 min/50 min)
Specific stroking movements are used to assist the body in flushing out tissue fluid which may have accumulated as the result of sprains, swellings or migraine. The drainage strengthens the immune system, alleviates pain and has a relaxing effect.
Connective tissue massage (25 min)
Connective tissue massage is a technique which has a positive ref lex effect on the vegetative nervous system and the organs through manual interaction with the skin and connective tissue. This method is valuable for dealing with cardiovascular and circulatory problems, abdominal pain, menstrual problems and functional complaints.
Electrotherapy (10–15 min)
The treatment of patients with electric current serves to reduce pain, relieve muscle tension, strengthen muscles, stimulate the metabolism, improve the circulation and promote absorption in the case of bruises and swellings.
BEMER magnetic field therapy (8–25 min)
Pulsating electromagnetic fields help to improve the blood circulation, the metabolism, energy status, physical capacity and regeneration of the body. The treatment may be employed therapeutically or as a prophylactic measure.
Ultrasound therapy (5–15 min)
The mechanical vibrations caused by the ultrasound bring about a “micro massage” in the tissue. This medical treatment is suitable for conditions including diseases of the bone tissue, the joints and musculature as well as osteoarthritis.
Inhalation therapy (15 min)
An inhalation mask is used to breathe in medicines or herbal drops to the lowest respiratory passages. Inhalation therapy promotes the body’s self-cleansing mechanism and eases discomfort caused by respiratory diseases.

Special therapies

Craniosacral therapy (CST, 50 min)CHF 150.–
CST is a gentle manual physical therapy whereby the body’s self-regulation is initiated with delicate manual impulses, thus promoting self-healing, for example in cases of head, neck and back pain, migraine, dizziness, traumas, endocrine disorders and stress.
Relaxation therapy after Jacobson (25 min)CHF 75.–
Systematic tensing and relaxing of specific muscle groups brings about beneficial physical and mental relaxation. The therapy improves physical awareness, reduces muscle tension in times of stress and alleviates sleep disturbances and headaches.
Acupuncture massage (50 min)CHF 120.–
A type of energetic massage based on 5000-year-old traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This massage regulates the energy f lows in the meridians and the organ system throughout the body and helps to equalise energetic imbalances.
Dorn therapy & Breuss massage (50 min)
CHF 120.–
Dorn therapy enables displaced vertebrae and joints to be realigned and releases possible blockages of the musculoskeletal system. Breuss massage is a sensitive, energetic manual back massage with St. John’s Wort Oil, the perfect complement to Dorn therapy.
Migraine therapy (50 min)CHF 120.–
This treatment eases headaches or migraine in the acute or chronic stage. The therapy is made up of the following four forms of treatments: Lymph drainage, acupuncture massage, meridian treatment and a specific connective tissue massage.

Our team of experts

Dr Christian Schlegel MD

Head of Clinic Bad Ragaz in musculoskeletal rehabilitation
Swiss Medical Association doctor specialising in physical medicine and rehabilitation
Sports medicine, SGSM, Manual Medicine SAMM, Pain Therapy, SSIPM

Phone: +41 81 303 38 26


Dr Rolf Hohmeister MD

Doctor specialising in rheumatology, orthopaedics and rehabilitation
Physical Medicine & pain therapy

Phone: +41 81 303 38 49


Dr Christian Hoppe MD

Swiss Medical Association doctor specialising in physical medicine and rehabilitation
Manual medicine, Orthomoleculare medicine

Phone: +41 81 303 38 56