Stress management

Permanent stress makes you sick. To stay balanced and healthy, you will need to strike a balance between being active, relaxing and maintaining a healthy diet.

We will point out possible warning signals of your body during a medical consultation. Then, we will work out strategies with you to better manage your stress.

During your stay, you will have a unique opportunity to explore various specialist departments and identify measures that will help you restore your work-life balance and boost your personal wellbeing.
Apart from a 12,800 square metre spa area we offer additional options to relax:

  • 36.5° wellness programmes for relaxation,
    vitality and balance
  • haki® treatments and rituals
  • Floating in 36.5°C thermal water
  • Kneipp treatments, sauna rituals and sauna infusions
  • Massages and body packs
  • Acupuncture (MediQi)
  • Muscle relaxation according to Jacobson
  • Qi Gong, yoga, Pilates and Aqua Pilates, Chi ball
  • Outdoor activities with a personal trainer
  • Nordic walking, cycle tours, snowshoe hiking, etc.
  • Mental training