Our movement concept

Exercise is important to your health. Our Ragazer work-IT-out is a specially developed, customised  programme following the principles of functional training.

Based on the results of your movement screening, your trainer will create a tailored programme for you – targeted and efficient.

Professional support

  • Successful trainers experienced in high-performance sports
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with the Medical Health Center and the Swiss Olympic Medical Center
  • Knowledge transfer from high-performance sports

Objectives of the work-IT-out

  • Weight reduction and body forming
  • Improved sense of your own body
  • Achieving a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Preventing burnout through increased vitality and energy
  • Restoring physical and muscular balance in consideration of weaknesses
  • Individual functional training to optimise strength, balance, endurance, speed, stabilisation, mobility
    and coordination