Dental Health & Implantology

«Perfect Smile» Swiss Dental Care Bad Ragaz

A radiant smile for you!

Beautiful and healthy teeth reflect vitality, health and a joy for life. We at Perfect Smile Swiss Dental Care Bad Ragaz cater to your individual requests and ideals of beauty. Your satisfaction is our challenge. Employing preventative measures to maintain and enhance the beauty of your teeth is our priority. We ensure the highest quality and rely on modern, interdisciplinary treatment methods and techniques. A pleasant atmosphere at the dental practice combined with the extensive expertise of the entire team provides the basis for a gentle and effective treatment, free from any anxieties.

Our competencies

  • Alternative dental health and prophylaxis
    Conservative dentistry, periodontal and restorative treatment
  • Interdisciplinary dental health
    Allergological investigations, phytotherapy, nutrition advice, tooth abscess diagnosis and treatment, investigations of problem areas
  • Implantology
    Ceramic and titanium implants, bone augmentation and bridges
  • Aesthetic dentistry
    Correction of colour, shape and positioning of teeth(ceramic fillings and veneers, Lumineers and bleaching)
  • Snoring remedies
    Investigation, analysis and treatment

Our specialist

Dr Michael Meier MD, DMD

Dental Health & Implantology

Phone: +41 81 303 38 95


Consultation & information

We are happy to advise you thoroughly and to provide you with an individual programme tailored to your needs.