Specials & Programs

The Ragazer spa programmes are a range of exclusive treatment programmes offered by the Thermal Spa.

The programmes help you to clear your mind of thoughts, obligations and rules, take some time to satisfy your needs and simply be. Treat yourself to some “me” time and immerse yourself in the world of the Ragazer spa programmes.

Broschüre: Ragazer Spa-Programme

Ragazer Vitality

We often feel exhausted and empty. We lose sight of ourselves and our creativity and zest for life suffer. The “Vitality by Altearah® Bio” programme helps you to relieve fatigue, renew your resources and bring a new freshness to your life.

2 – 4 days programmes from CHF 550.–
excluding accommodation


work-IT-out days

Based on the latest findings in the fields of medicine and sports science, this programme is the ideal choice for anyone who loves to exercise or wants to become more active. An extensively trained and experienced exercise and fitness team supports you in achieving your personal objectives. In doing so, they combine a variety of indoor, outdoor and water activities.

2 to 5-day programme from CHF 465.–
excluding accommodation


Ragazer Balance

Sometimes, our body, mind and soul are just a little out of balance. Our appearance reflects this indisposition. We are lacking lightness and radiance, or perhaps simply no longer feel comfortable in our skin. The “Balance by Altearah® Bio” programme detoxifies body and mind.

5 Day programme for CHF 1’430.–
excluding accommodation


Ragazer Relaxation

In both our professional and private lives, we constantly find ourselves faced with less and less time for more and more projects. This constant pressure creates an atmosphere of stress. The “Relaxation by Altearah® Bio” programme affords your body and mind a well-deserved relaxing break.

2 – 4 Days programme from CHF 675.–
excluding accommodation


Relaxed & Beautiful

The wellbeing experience with relaxation at our 36.5° Wellbeing & Thermal Spa. Pamper yourself with exclusive products and treat your body to a feeling of calm.

3 nights from CHF 874.–
per room /night in a double room


Therapeutic Relaxation

Take some time to give mind, body and soul a break from the stresses of everyday life – the treatments in the therapeutic relaxation programme offer more than just luxurious pampering and temporary, skin-deep relaxation: by using therapeutic treatments, the programme offers a feeling of relaxation that penetrates guests’ nervous systems, calms the mind, body and soul and heals the energy field.

1 to 5-day programme from CHF 495.–
without overnight accommodation