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Dog Etiquette


We are delighted to welcome you and your dog to our resort.

Make the most of the spacious hotel park, the nearby Giessenpark or the pedestrian paths along the banks of the Rhine. The concierge will be pleased to assist you with a map of the village or in the
search for suitable walking routes. Please note that dogs must be kept on a lead.

We wish you and your dog a pleasant stay and are confident that both of you will be equally delighted with the diversity offered by our resort.

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Dogs in your room

If you leave your dog alone in your room, please hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door to prevent your chambermaid from entering the room. Dog owners should ideally arrange a time at which they would like their room tidied up directly with the chambermaid.

If your room has a balcony, your dog is welcome to spend its time there. Please make sure, however, that it does not “strike up a conversation” with dogs on other balconies in your absence. Your fellow guests will be very grateful.

We provide a blanket and bowl for your dog. Please do not place your dog directly on the soft furnishings or on the beds. Please contact your chambermaid if you require additional blankets.

Should your dog have a mishap in the room, we will arrange to have the problem dealt with professionally (for which a charge will be made payable). Please contact your chambermaid or the concierge in such an event.

Dogs on resort grounds

In which areas is your dog permitted to do its natural business?

  • In the hotel park, in the sloping section towards the main street (Hauptstrasse)
  • In the lovely Giessenpark with its pond, mature trees and through route to the imposing banks of the River Rhine – 15 minutes from the hotel
  • In the historic tree-lined avenue along the Tamina village stream – just three minutes from the hotel

Please avoid:

  • Golf courses, since these are reserved exclusively for golfers
  • Flower beds, the hotel sunbathing lawns, the private garden behind the hotel and the garden pool area
  • The hotel reception area and the hotel park in front of the entrance

Dog owners are expected to clean up after their dogs. You can obtain the convenient Robidog bags from the reception or the concierge for this purpose or take one from one of the Robidog
containers that you will find everywhere.

Access rules

Your four-legged friend must be kept on the lead at all times and only has limited accesss to communal rooms. If you would like your dog to accompany you to our restaurants and bars, please contact the concierge.

Dogs are not allowed in the Club House or anywhere on the golf courses Golf Club Bad Ragaz and Golf Club Heidiland. Dogs may be brought onto the terraces of the Golf Restaurant and Golf Bistro, but must be kept in the lead.