Kindervilla – Wellbeing for the whole family

Relax at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Meanwhile, qualified employees take care that your children feel comfortable, too. We offer adventures, games, fun and a first-class care for all kids from the age of 3 in our Kindervilla.

The Kindervilla is open for our little guests from the age of 3 daily from 09.30a.m. to 5p.m.

Babies and smaller children from the age of 0 to 3 are looked after by our babysitters at CHF 50.- per hour. By mutual agreement, we will take care of your children as well outside of the official care hours. You can reach our nursery via the phone number +41 (0)81 303 21 08.

    Opening hours

    Monday to Sunday from 09.30a.m. to 5p.m.

    We will accompany your children for lunch at the restaurant Olives d’Or.

    Spa and bath policy

    Spa etiquette for kids in our 36.5° Wellbeing & Thermal Spa and Tamina Therme:

    • Children from the age of 3 are allowed at the Helena pool, accompanied by an adult and between the hours of 3 p.m. and 9 p.m.
    • Children from the age of 12 are allowed to use the Helena pool as well as the fitness & sauna area (upon agreement of our team at the Ragazer work-IT-out)
    • The Sports pool and the garden pool are open for kids at every age, small children must be accompanied by an adult
    • Children from the age of 3 are allowed to use the Tamina Therme thermal water world, but must be accompanied by an adult until the age of 8
    • The Tamina Therme sauna world is open for children of the age of 12 and older, but must be accompanied by an adult until the age of 16

    Restaurant policy

    In the restaurant Bel-Air blue, children from the age of 13 are welcome. In all other restaurants, we are happy to welcome children of every age.

    «Heidi» – the girl from the mountains

    Excursion tips to Heidis alpine world – on the Alp farm up above Maienfeld Heidi was happy. At her grandfather’s, Heidi felt and radiated pure joie de vivre, she became strong and healthy, made friends and found her true self.

    Excursion tips «Heidi»

    Excursions tip for Kids

    The lovely surroundings and the colourful panoply of varied activities make the family-friendly holiday region of Heidiland an ideal destination in all seasons for adults and children alike.

    Summer activites

    Winter activities

    Schneemann bauen am Berg Bad Ragaz

    Children's Spa Menu

    These offers are for our young guests aged 7 to 12

    Beauty for Kids

    Fresh FaceGentle facial treatment with refreshing cleansing and a natural face mask.45 min.CHF 75.–
    Bling Bling FingersSoothing hand and nail treatment with trendy varnish and gems.45 min.CHF 75.–
    Happy FeetFoot bath with natural products, nail care, fun varnish and gems followed by a relaxing foot massage.45 min.CHF 75.–
    Fancy HairHair wash, cut and blow dry. During shampoo a relaxing head massage on the massage chair.60 min.CHF 95.–

    These offers are for our young guests aged 7 to 12

    Massage for Kids

    Sweet HoneyFull-body massage with lavender honey oil has a nourishing and relaxing effect.45 min.CHF 120.–
    Music EmotionsPleasant, peaceful sound waves for children who like sounds, vibrations and music.45 min.CHF 120.–
    Funny ChocoSweet immersion in the world of chocolate with a back massage.45 min.CHF 120.–

    These offers are for our young guests aged 7 to 12

    Training for Kids

    Aqua SplashWater games and children’s Olympics with music.30 min.CHF 70.–
    Dancing MovesSporting dance movements to great music.30 min.CHF 70.–
    Kids  YogaRelaxing movement session.30 min.CHF 120.–
    Natural FunGames, fun and movement in nature.120 min.CHF 150.–

    These offers are for our young guests aged 7 to 12