Executive chef Renato Wüst

Personal details
Very soon after his apprenticeship as a chef in Chur, Renato Wüst found his way to the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. From 1978 he passed through all stages in his career in these renowned hotels, interspaced with spells alongside various famous masters of the culinary art at in St. Moritz, Munich, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Hongkong, Macau, Singapore or Perth.

Since the early 1990s, Wüst has exerted a decisive influence on the culinary development of the Grand Hotels. As Executive Chef he is now the master of two main hotel kitchens and 4 satellite kitchens. He is responsible for 60 chefs, 8 patissiers, 7 apprentices and a host of auxiliary staff who look after the well-being of the guests at the Restaurant Bel-Air (15 GaultMillau points), the Restaurant Namun (13 GaultMillau points), at the Restaurants Olives d’Or and Zollstube as well as at the Inroom Dining, the Kursaal and at the Bars of the Grand Hotels.

Renato Wüst’s secret of success is also his personal cooking philosophy: There are many ways of creating pleasurable culinary delights. Whether classic or new age, trendy or traditional, Swiss or international, light, easily digestible or simple. Simple in the sense of clear – as clear as water. Simple in the sense of authentic. All that may sound "simple" but in reality it presents the greatest possible challenge to the culinary art. In the kitchens of the Grand Hotels, the excellent basic products are not altered, instead the refreshing creations are intended to stimulate guests’ senses; they are to provide pleasure and tickle the palate.

In recognition of the efforts of Wüst and his brigades, the resort was voted “Hotel of the year” by GaultMillau Switzerland twice (1998 and 2009). The “Lehrmeister des Jahres 2014” (teacher of the year 2014) was most recently awarded “CigarMan of the Year 2016” by GaultMillau and Davidoff.