Skipiste am Pizol

Pizol in the winter

Do you love the cold season? Enjoy the fantastic snow paradise at the Pizol mountain railways.

Taking just an hour to get there from St.Gallen or Zurich, an excursion to the Pizol is well worthwhile even if you have only a few hours to spare. Adequate car parking and the new, regular Kombi-Bus service from Bad Ragaz railway station provide a quick link to the valley station. A total of 11 cableways and lifts, including the new 8-person cable car opens up a nature paradise on the Pizol extending up to an altitude of 2227 metres.

Schifahren am Pizol im Winter


Pizolbahnen AG
7310 Bad Ragaz

Tel. weather (Infoline)  +41 (0)81 300 48 20
Tel. information und till +41 (0)81 300 48 30