Excursion tips in to the world of enjoyment

Good company, fine wines and good food are important here. Alongside romantic and out of the way places, there are many opportunities to indulge yourselves in the holiday region of Heidiland.

Ticino air


The Mediterranean-like and car-free Quinten is most easily reached by boat. From both Walenstadt and Weesen there are also two popular hikes to the picturesque and idyllic little village.

To aim at the stars

St. Martin

Deep in the Calfeisental lies the charming, former Walser hamlet of St. Martin. It is as though time has stood still here and you feel as though you are in an open-air museum.

Alp railway

Malanser alp

Just going on the Älpli-Bahn, the cable car to go up to the Malanser Älpli above the Bündner Herrschaft is a highlight. The friendly mountain restaurant tempts you to pause a while, relax and enjoy the view.

Experience wine


Surprise your palate with the quality of the wines produced in the Bündner Herrschaft. Numerous winegrowers and Torkels (wine cellars) look forward to your visit.

For gourmets

Culinary tours

Delicious food, fresh mountain air, exercise and enjoyment. Whether on foot or by e-bike – combine indulgence with a little light exercise and get to know the Heidiland holiday region in a unique way.

Culinary tours

Fantastic wine region

Winemaking in the Bündner Herrschaft

Winemaking in the Bündner Herrschaft has a long tradition. Schloss Salenegg in Maienfeld is documented as the oldest vineyard in Europe. Wine was already being made here as far back as 1068. At first mostly white wines were produced but today it is the red wines which are internationally known. Red wines only started to be produced in the 17th century, when the Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir) from France found its way here. Today around 350 hectares of vines are cultivated.