Excursion tips for the blue wonder

Water plays a central role in the region. Partly thanks to the 36,5 °C warm thermal waters and also due to the numerous enchanting idyllic mountain lakes, waterfalls and of course the majestic Walensee lake.


Giessen park

The Giessen park in Bad Ragaz invites its visitors to take a walk or a stroll or quite simply to relax. Children love the large playground and fishermen love the tranquil, peaceful lake.

Rocky Mountains


Appearances can be deceptive. At the Chapfensee lake above Mels, bikers, hikers or fishermen can think that they are in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Easily reached by car, by bike or on foot.



36.5° Thermal water

Tamina gorge

Deep in the ruggedly picturesque Tamina Gorge beats the heart of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz: the legendary spring that has provided us with body-temperature thermal spa water for centuries. It forms the basis for a unique synthesis of wellbeing and health. Entry fee: CHF 5.00 per person.

Thermal Water

Tamina Therme

36,5°C – because it feels good! The spa in Bad Ragaz, open to the public, is a place of rejuvenation for body, mind and soul with a spacious sauna area and a wide selection of massages and beauty treatments.

Tamina Therme


Spa town Bad Ragaz

Around 1240 hunters discovered the source of the warm waters in the Tamina gorge. Soon the first bathing guests were being let down on ropes into the wild ravine in order to spend the day in the healing waters. Then wooden bathhouses were built across the thundering Tamina but following numerous fires and rockfalls, today's Alte Bad Pfäfers was finally built at the entrance to the gorge. Since 1840 the thermal waters have been piped down to the worldrenowned health resort Bad Ragaz.

Long ago