Excursion tips lake walen

Embedded in the landscape, fjord-like, is the lake Walen. The Churfirsten mountain chain towers majestically over it. The lake Walen is both one of the cleanest and deepest lakes in Switzerland.

Ship ahoy!

Boat trips

Ship ahoy! With 10 landing stages around the lake, access to the lake Walen is easy. Alongside the regular ferries there are also culinary boat trips and special themed boat trips, such as the Geo boat.


Wind-powered water sport

The lake Walen is a real paradise for windsurfers, sailors or kite-surfers. Due to the sun-warmed mountainsides the famous lake Walen thermal reaches on average in the afternoon a wind-strength of 3 to 5.

catch some sunshine


In summer, life revolves around the beach at the lake Walen. Various bathing beaches tempt you to sunbathe, read a book, eat an ice cream or simply enjoy life.


Cave diving

 If you studied the Churfirsten with the aid of a huge x-ray machine, you would think it was a holey cheese rather than a massive mountain chain. Hidden behind the Rinquelle, which is the source of the water supplying the Seerenbach falls above Betlis, is a vast cave system. these are reserved for very experienced cave divers familiar with the area. The Rinquelle itself is one of the largest karst springs in Europe. The foot of the spring can be reached comfortably on foot from Betlis.

Whole-body training

Muscle power

If you want to explore the tranquil and undisturbed places around the lake Walen, then what could be better than a kayak? The new trend sport SUP – stand-up-paddling – promises great fun.

Motorised water sport

With your own boat or a rented boat, water-skiing or wakeboarding: motorised water sports at the foot of the Churfirsten are more spectacular than almost anywhere else and consequently even more fun!